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Residential developers can add value to their property is by adding on additional living space to each unit, apartment, condominium or house. With quality construction and seamless integration with existing structures, we can develop outdoor entertaining areas such as decks, pergolas, or pet parks to benefit the owner and future residents

While a large part of realizing higher profits with residential units has to do with location and the surrounding neighborhoods, quality of construction, design options and included amenities and features can all bring increased rental revenue to the property owners. If you have a multi-unit apartment complex that needs refurbishment, the right team can help you realize your goals.

Here at LFS Partners, we are able to transform worn and run down properties into highly sought after residential developments people will eagerly pay more to live in. Any real estate owner, developer or investor can appreciate the benefits of updating and adding on to existing residential units. We can help you reach your profit goals.

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We never forget that we work for our clients first- not our trades, not our vendors, not our architects or designers.  We believe that it’s our duty to deliver not only a superior product and service, but to also act as our client’s advocate and always operate with their best interests in mind.

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