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Offering Both Custom & Turn Key

Custom kitchen cabinets can be acquired in one of two ways: custom made cabinets or semi-custom cabinets. It is often difficult to distinguish the difference between semi-custom cabinet and custom cabinets, especially after installation.  Here are a few key differences:

  • Manufacturing – Both semi-custom and custom cabinets are made to order. This can mean that every custom cabinet is built with love and care under the watchful eye of a master craftsman.  Semi-custom cabinets made in a factory are built using detailed documented methods with rigorous quality control checkpoints throughout the construction process.
  • Door Style Options – In most cases, custom cabinets will have the most options for door styles because they can literally build anything they want.  Semi custom cabinets will have a selection of door styles to choose from, but will not have the ability to deviate outside that selection.  Many semi customs cabinet lines, especially Kraftmaid Cabinetry, has such a wide variety of door styles that custom cabinets are not typically needed unless you are looking for something very specific that is outside of the standard cabinet door styles.
  • Finish Options – Our custom cabinets have the most freedom in the finish department.  They can not only source colors and stains from anywhere they choose, they can also mix batches for each order making a true one of a kind finish.
  • Countertops – We offer a variety of countertops to finalize your cabinet dreams.  Our selections include, Wilson Art, Formica, and many stone surfaces.

Offering A Variety Of Selections

Cabinets are the centerpiece of any kitchen and their importance should not be overlooked.  A well-designed kitchen not only adds value to your house, it adds joy to your life.  Your kitchen cabinets should not only function well and look good, they should last a lifetime.  Achieving a truly personalized kitchen requires thought, planning, and professional experience. It is not something that can be done with off the shelf cabinets from a big box store.  If you want a quality, stylish, and durable kitchen, you need custom kitchen cabinets.

Our Work Shows We Care

We never forget that we work for our clients first- not our trades, not our vendors, not our architects or designers.  We believe that it’s our duty to deliver not only a superior product and service, but to also act as our client’s advocate and always operate with their best interests in mind.

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